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Few Words About Us

Absolutely all recipes are carefully checked and repeatedly tested.


We study the individual characteristics of each organism: age, degree of activity, activity at your work, your rest time, and many others.

Visible result

Faster visible results in contrast to universal diets. First, we will analyze your personal data (anthropometric, endocrine system work), on the basis of which a nutrition program will be developed.


Balanced nutrition without giving up your favorite foods


Eating a healthy diet can help prevent obesity


After so many minutes
FAT loss begins


Minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity


Nearly 30% of the World's Population Is Obese


The goal of 10,000 steps is the recommended daily step target for healthy adults.

How is our nutritional program good for you?

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Unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are thus among the leading causes of the major noncommunicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, and contribute substantially to the global burned of disease, death and disability.


After physical training you will sleep well


Patterns of physical activity and di-ets differ according to sex, culture and age.

Goal & Objectives

For example, improves the level of high density li-poprotein cholesterol, improves control of blood glu-cose in overweight people, even without significant weight loss, and reduces the risk for colon cancer and breast cancer among women.


Evidence shows that, when other threats to health are addressed, peaple can remain healthy into their seventh, eighth and ninth decades, through a range of health-promoting behaviors, including healthy diets, regular and adequate physical activity, and avoidance of tobacco use.


Physical activity is a key determinant of energy expenditure, are thus is fundamental to energy ballance and weight control.


Hello! My name is Nick Dorcey, I have been working as a fitness trainer for more than 7 years, opened my gym and founded a sports community. I have experience of 10,000 training sessions of different levels and technical complexity. This helped me understand how to choose the right key for each person. My goal is to make people happier and show them the right direction for development, train and give information that will be useful. Motivate and not let you turn off the intended path.

“I love that Personal Coaching lets members have a sense of accountability. More important, it lets them make their dreams a reality by creating strong, clear action plans that inspire them.” Aransas Personal Coach



  • You will receive a diet plan and instructions
  • books



  • You will receive a diet plan and instructions
  • SKYPE Advice
  • books



  • You will receive a diet plan and instructions
  • SKYPE Advice
  • books
  • video course from our partner


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Nick Dorcey

Fitness trainer

Sarah Mayer

student dietitians

William Mehta

WEB developer

Amanda Schuit

SMM manager


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